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Tribal Elves

We are sorry that we no longer take custom order and are only selling out our in-store stock at a low price. The magic of the elves will make the code still effective.

About Dollschic

If you’ve ever struggled to find cool and comfortable clothing for warm climates, Dollschic knows exactly what you’re going through—and it’s here to present the solution. (Vintage Vibe, Rural Dream Life and Vacation collection) Starting with 100 percent flax linen from Europe, the team behind Dollschic crafts small batches of its custom-designed dresses. Finished in an ethical factory in UK, but available for international shipping, the dresses are perfect for work, dinner, the beach, and beyond.


About Linen Fabric

There’s a new sustainable material: linen. Grown from flax plants, linen is easy to grow, requires little water, and is biodegradable. Once sourced, it’s durable, resilient, and only gets better (and softer!) with time. As if that’s not enough, linen is breathable and moisture-wicking, so it will keep you cool through the warmer months and can be comfortably layered in the cooler ones. (It also requires almost zero special care.)